Who Will Be The First Pinoy Celebrity Sole Survivor?

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I am excited to know who will be the First Pinoy Celebrity Sole Survivor. Who among the final four castaways will take home the 3M cash prize and the title? Will it be Aubrey Miles, Solenn Heussaff, Ervic Vijandre or Mr. Nice Guy, Akihiro Sato?

It was not my intention to watch the show closely. But since Parents watch it and I work just behind the television set, I always hear it. In the end, I’m also watching it. Add to that is my curiosity about one of the castaways who was an elementary classmate of my officemate.

I was only able to watch the show from the beginning. The first episode I was able to watch was when Michelle Madrigal was voted out. Since then, I stopped for a while to watch it.

Before the last tribal council, I was for Akihiro. I find him competitive and well-deserve to win the game. I thought he also played the game clean. But after hearing Aubrey’s revelation, my confidence for Akihiro lessened. Aubrey’s accusation, whether true or not, surely affects Akihiro negatively.

The First Pinoy Celebrity Sole Survivor will be chosen on December 3, Friday. The juries will do a live voting on that day.

If you are one of the juries, who will you vote to be The First Pinoy Celebrity Sole Survivor?

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