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One of the challenges of raising a family is financial management. I myself can attest to it. It is more challenging for me because I do not support one but two (sometimes even three) families. However I try to manage my income so that I will not only be able to make the ends meet but also to have some savings for the future, but I couldn’t succeed. If  it is already hard to make my pay reach the next payday what more to set aside even a small amount for the future? So during emergencies, when I have no other choice, I resort to payday advance loan. But as much as I can, I also avoid to making loans because it will be another burden for me.

Financial Management is a tough task. It entails God’s wisdom and discipline in budgeting. I still have a long journey to take in this area but starting with the first right step, and that is TITHING, I am confident that I will soon be a success.

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