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  • Sumo

Since hubby went to Bohol, our means of communication is via cellphone, either SMS or call, but most of the time he calls. He calls every now and then to check on my and my daughter. He also calls every night to share what happened to him the whole day. The call usually lasts for more than an hour. I am thankful that we availed the Sun Unlimited Call and Text plan for only 350 monthly. For just 350 we can talk for number of hours. The only thing I don’t like with the plan is that after one hour, the line will be cut-off. He needs to dial again.

The plan is only unlimited for Sun-to-Sun. The plan includes 200 free SMS to other networks but regular rate applies for calls. The plan is with free cellphone. The plan is lock up for 24 months (or depends on the chosen phone model).

So far hubby is very satisfied with the plan.

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