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My hair fall gets alarming. I am worried that I might get bald in no time at all when my hair fall didn’t stop. The normal hair fall per day is only one hundred strands but it seems that the strands I’m losing everyday are more than a hundred. I’ve tried using the hair fall control being advertised on TV. At first I thought it would solve my problem but it didn’t 🙁 I also tried the tips I got from the internet. I treat my hair with coconut milk and aloe Vera. But still my hair fall continues. So now, instead of checking on the best acne products, I’m searching of ways to minimize my hair fall.

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2 thoughts on “Hair Fall

  1. Hi Mylene! I am more concern for your health if you are having excessive hair loss. But some research says that losing 100 strands a day is normal. Beyond that, it may be related to hormonal changes, thyroid problem, over-stress, and a lot of other factors. Try to observe your health first then consult to your doctor for more concerns.

  2. I had the same problem when my hair was long but since I cut my hair short it’s less evident. My friend also told me about the coconut oil but I have yet to try that one.

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