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  • Sumo

I felt very sad when I learned that Ms. Sarah of His Unfailing Love had a miscarriage.  The lost cause her so much pain but she keeps her faith and continue to trust His creator. Her unwavering faith is inspirational. Nevertheless, a short prayer for her quick  recovery, both emotionally and physically, will do her better. Let us also include her husband, Jonathan and their two kids in our prayer.

Sarah is very honest in sharing their needs and how God provided them just in time. Isn’t great if God will also use us as a channel of blessing to them?  For this reason,   I plead on kind hearts that we help her financially on her myoma operation. She needs around $1700 for the operation. You may directly send her your help through her  paypal account which is  Any amount you share will be of great help.

I really hope that God will touch your heart to help Sarah and her family raise the money for her operation. Remember, it is more blessed to give than to receive. May God return your kindness hundred folds 🙂

17 thoughts on “[Sticky Post]Your Prayer is Mo$t Needed

  1. its heartbreaking for someone to experience what she’s going through, I’m also one of those people that would be praying for her fast recovery. Though I cant give her financial support I hope she’ll still be able to finish her battle safely

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  3. this is sad..but it will go away so soon knowing Sarah put her trust on HIM. The same with me…i know God has his best plan!

    Thanks for this post mommy.

  4. Dear Mylene,

    I’m really touched sa sinulat nyo, parang nahiya ako tuloy.
    Thank you for your concern. I’m blessed to know you.
    Delayed reaction ako, iyak ako ng iyak kagabi kasi I trusted the doctor
    sa sinabi nya na from myoma ang bleeding, kaya pala sa baby na.
    I didn’t do anything and just waited for another week, parang natulala ako
    sa sinabi nya. Naawa ako sa baby kasi kahit na nabigyan man lang sya pansin
    kahit papano, pero tapos na eh, God sees my heart and sees each tear that falls.
    Masakit pala na ganyan, parang hopeless… kahit sabihin kong I have Jesus,
    human as I am, masakit pa rin, iyak lang ang magagawa ko sa ngayon,
    buti na lang may blog, I can express how I feel.

    Thanks again Mylene. Blessings!

  5. napa iyak ako, thanks Mylene. I don’t want to bother my friends here in the blogosphere.
    Parang nahiya ako to ask for help, thanks for this post. I’m deeply touched.

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  6. thanks for sharing! i will drop by her site now..

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  7. So sorry to hear about Sarah’s miscarriage and that she needs to be operated on for her myoma. God has purpose for giving us trials. I pray that Sarah and her family will get over their predicaments in time. I haven’t visited her site yet.

    Thanks Mylene for being so kind and understanding to all your online friends in need.

    God Bless.

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