A Colorful Dinner

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I literally had a colorful dinner; green, red, orange and a shade of yellow because I had a veggie salad for dinner. Daughter even eat few pieces with me ๐Ÿ™‚

VeggieSaladplease forgive the resolution of the images for they were only taken using a phone camera

Asร‚ย  I mentioned on my previous post, I joined our company’s biggest loser contest and badly needed to shred ample amount of fats off my body. Since Monday, I tried my best not to eat rice during dinner.ร‚ย  I also tried my best to drink lots of water which helps me feel full everytime.ร‚ย  I will try to follow Mommy Sam’s advice to limit the intake of rice. I also learned that cold water speed ups metabolism especially if taken in the morning.

I do not intend to win on the contest but I intend to lose significant kilos for my own good.


9 thoughts on “A Colorful Dinner

  1. so colorful nga talaga ang veggie salad mo!!
    same here–i need to watch my weight,too.gained 2 kilos pag uwi namin from vacay(T_T)good luck to us,mommy mylene!^_^

  2. wow, delicious. Naku ako, still gaining weight hindi ko ma control ang pag laki ko, LOL. Take care always.

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  3. i love this kind of food. saraaaaapppppp..

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  4. We should all strive to eat healthy for the sake of our family. That veggie salad looks yummy! I hope I can cut down on my rice intake, too, but that’s my comfort food. Waah!

  5. Kakaingit ka naman pinapangatawanan mo na pagti-trim down.

    Lam mo galing kaming field trip kahapon, dun ko naramdaman na kailangan na talagang magpababa ng timbang, you know why? Ang hirap umakyat at bumaba sa bus. Hindi lang ‘yon, sa dami ng nilakad namin hingal na hingal ako at literally dragging my feet to get to the site. grabeh noh.

    Yeah water is best. ang drinker ng tubig samin ay si hubby. at saka water is the best natural therapy sa halos lahat ng illness.

    1. Sana nga dear, mapangatawanan ko ๐Ÿ˜€ mamaya sa una lang. Likas kase ang katakawan ko hehehe.
      Naggagala ka pala kahapon. Good for you, you had a computer-less day ๐Ÿ˜€

      Sana lumaki na agad si Ska noh para ako din makasama sa mga field trips nya hahahaha….

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