I Joined The Biggest Loser

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Our company is doing its own The Biggest Loser contest and I decided to join the contest! Of course you know the reason 😀 I want to consider this as a   motivation that would help me lose some fats pounds.  Out of the 12 employees, 6 joined the contest (Yes, that how big our company is!!!). The prize will also be coming from us. Every week, we will drop our 50 pesos as our bet contribution for the prize.  The contest will last for nine weeks. The person who will be able to lose the biggest pounds within nine weeks will be the winner.  The winner will be announced just before our company outing on April 9.  No so much rule except that nobody will be allowed to use any drug or medicine for weight lost like orlistat.

weight scalesLast night, Monday,  before we headed home, the six of us dropped by at Mercury Shangrila to have our weighs measured using the electronic machine there (dunno the name :D). To my amazement,  I gained another 2 kgs from my previous weight 🙁 This means that If I didn’t act now, I will continue to gain more pounds. I am really not after the prize, but I hope that through this contest I will be more determined to watch my diet.

Right now,  I don’t have a special plan yet to lose more  pounds fast. Maybe you can suggest some easy steps. Gym  is not an option nowadays because my hands are full with household chores and with my full-time work.  Aside from gym, all your suggestions are welcome 🙂

5 thoughts on “I Joined The Biggest Loser

  1. after 6 diet worked for me. so did the less carbs more protein diet.
    here’s what i did after i gave birth to sabyn ( i was 160lbs then. i needed to lose the 50lbs) (please note that i did this 6 months after i gave birth. going on a diet right after giving birth is a no-no)
    1. i only ate rice once a day. that was either breakfast, or lunch. limited to 1 cup only!
    2. dinner was light, and eaten before 6pm. strictly water or tea after 6pm.
    3. i avoided meat, only 2-3 times a week. i ate mostly fish (tuna) in place of the meat.
    4. no more snack. maybe a pack of skyflakes in between meals.

  2. Drink fruit juices in the mornings and eat quaker oats with either banana or strawberry -it is a must that you eat oats with fruits. I recommend del monte pineapple juice. cut down on rice.

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