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A Glimpse of Mom Conversations

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If the term minimalist is applicable to blog, then Mom Conversations have it. This is the first time I visited the site and I am doing this review to support K and Peh’s ongoing contest. And again, all that is written below are purely my opinion based on my observation. I intend no harm nor offense to the owner or anyone.

Mom Conversation is one of the neatest blogs I’ve visited, from header, content, sidebar to footer.  In the header, you can only find one spanish word “BUENO” which when I tried to dig the meaning, means Good. Well, the site is Good indeed. The site focus only on four categories namely; Baby, Featured, Health and Fitness, Hot Topics, Parenting and Pregnancy. That organized! Seeing her categories made me wish to have my categories that few.  Aside from the sidebar, the categories are also the menus. Hmm… quite redundant but does not  give any harm on the overall look of the site.

The sidebar has only three sections – the least sectioned sidebar I have ever seen – Categories, Mom Conversation which also the Hot Topics and the Recent Posts.  The site has no site map , archive section nor related post links. Hence, limiting the readers easy-access to those that are only listed on the  Hot Topics and Recent Post. The only fancy thing that is in the sidebar is when you hover the links. The color of the text changes that gives a moving visual effect. When you hover on the links on the sidebar, an alt tag  containing a summary of the article will be displayed. This I believe encourages the visitor to read the entire article.

The About Page and the link of Umma, the author’s page, gives me a hint that the site is newly created and it not yet fully done.  I also checked the incoming links (well, out of curiosity) of the site to know who linked the site  because I didn’t see a blog roll and the result confirmed my initial suspicion that the site is new.

Nonetheless, the site has a good potential to boom. The articles are really interesting and the way they are written gives me an impression that Umma is well-versed in English command.  Her article about How To Treat Hemorrhoids is very informative and made to ask myself if Umma is somehow related to medicine.

The font family, sizes, weight also get my thumbs up! The size of the font used for each font does not tire the eyes even for long-time reading. Proper font weight is also implemented for emphasis.

Since the site is not yet fully-made, here are the things that I think are nice to have.

  • Feed subscription via email
  • an archive or site map
  • most popular post

As a whole, the site is recommendable. So please visit the site when you have time.

3 thoughts on “A Glimpse of Mom Conversations

  1. Hello Mylene, we have the same comment and observation in this blog,
    Thanks for the concern ha, I’m really touched.

    1. Talaga po? Hind ko pa po nababasa. I avoided to read other reviews kase baka ma influence your magiging reviews ko hehehe…

      I am praying that you will be able to raise the amount you need. I am confident that God will provide the amount.

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