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Dissertation Upon Seiko’s Diary

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If you are a frequent blog hopper, you have probably encountered her name on the comment pages of different blogs. She is one of the members of the prestigious Marce Club organized by none other than Pehpot. I can say that she is a generous Ninang to Sati based on her extravagant gift (quote from Pehpot’ post) on Sati’s Christening Day and a very special bath tub for her adorable inaanak. Her generosity also extends to Kaye and Pehpot’s contest, by being one of the major sponsors. Without further adieu, let me introduce the owner of the blog I am about to review, Ms. Seiko Fukami of Seiko’s Diary.
When you first landed on Seiko’s Diary, you will be welcomed by the sounds coming from Seiko’s Playlist. This is the owner’s preference and she has all the right since Seiko’s Diary is Seiko’s very own personal blog. However, the owner should be aware that her site is open to public and many people visit her site from time to time. There are some that are not really bothered by the sound while reading but there are also people like me, who has an attention deficiency, LOL! who easily get distracted by the sounds. I think it would be safer if the playlist is on stop/pause mode by default and will just be played by those who intends to listen while reading. And for those who browse with their speakers on, a playlist which is on play mode by default might cause some shock when landed on her site.

Based on what I read, Seiko is a dual career mom, hence her blog url is Aside from being busy as a full-time mom to four lovely ladies; Misaki, Nagisa, Yukiko & Yuriko and as a loving wifey to the last Samurai of Fukami family, Yasuyuki, she is also a full-time worker. She is the Vice-President of the Asahi Printing Press, co-owner of Blue Hawaii Club and the owner of a DIY station. This is probably the reason why her side bar is quite left behind. I noticed that there are buttons on her sidebar which should not be there anymore. The arealso some plugins/widgets which are extended beyond the page (e.g My Community of Blog Catalog, PubBlogLog, EntreCard, TopLinks ). It would be nice if these widgets should be attended and fixed. I also discovered that the My Top Commentator is redirected to Is it intentional or just an honest mistake?

This lovely mommy is not only generous with monetary value but also with backlinks. You can see on her sidebar all the weekly memes she religiously supporting and patronize. Her kind-hearted nature is also manifested by supporting The For A Cause Giveaway. The different awards received by her  blog displayed on the sidebar proves that she is loved by many bloggers too. But I am wondering why the page rank is not displayed. Having a PR3 blog is something that Seiko should be proud of 😉 Making the Recent Posts, BlogMates and Labels scrollable is a wise move for me. It saves some space on the sidebar and lessen the information being displayed. But the scroll bars of Live Traffic can be removed since there is  still enough space left on the bottom that gives an impression of emptiness.

Seiko’s Diary is a personal journal of a Filipina by heart and by birth yet embraced the Japanese culture and citizenship all but for love. The site contains her journey and her initial struggles as a wife of a Japanese and her joy and rejoicing after she was eventually accepted by her husband’s family. You can see here another living example of a true Filipina who does not easily gives up on trials and challenges. You can also find in the site her entries for different memes hosted by her friends, milestones of her kids, greetings for her friends, appreciation of the things she received and many other personal notes. Seiko also post recipes like Crouqette which I was tempted to try last Friday.

Seiko’s Diary is a updated on almost on a daily basis. You will surely know the author of this blog once you started reading her posts. She is so honest to reveal her feelings and her experiences. She is not ashamed of her humble beginnings and remained humble despite all her achievements in the past. So if you want to know Seiko better, it is a must that you visit her site. By the way, her name means SUCCESS which very suited her.

Seiko’s Diary blog may not be the superb blog in terms of template aesthetics nor the right place for eloquence. But the impact of the content surpass all the outer flaws! No wonder, the site maintains loyal readers from all over the world. These readers are always excited for the new post of this lovely blogger because they are sure that each post always comes from the heart of the writer. Whether it is something about her journey as a mother, a sweet memory with her Yasuyuki or words of love for her friends, rest assured that you will be sweep off your feet by her heart-to-heart post.

Disclaimer: All that are written below are purely based on my observation on the site. I don’t know the owner of the blog personally and I have nothing against her. If you feel that my post is offensive, please let me know by leaving me a message and I will immediately pull it down.

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