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A Goliath In A David’s View

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It is now or never. Yes! Finally, I’ve decided to conduct a blog review over a giant in the blogosphere, if you may call it a review :D. You may call it suicidal and ambitious because a nobody on the arena of blogging chose a somebody as her subject on her first ever blog review. You may call it insanity but who cares, nobody cares even the care bears!!! (Sounds familiar? not very original :D).  Okay, let’s begin!

This is not the first time I landed on this PR 4  site, if I am not mistaken. But on my initial visits – months ago- I found the site very chaotic. Everything is cluttered and I can’t find any post except for the post for the Entredroppers. I even tried to leave a note stating my desire that my site be included in the list of the Entrecard drop list but I am not sure if my message reached the owner. I came back for two or three times more. But since I thought it was just an Entrecard Drop site, I stopped visiting the site.


I noticed a big change on the look and feel of the site during my recent visits via Kaye and Pehpot’s Blogversary Contest’s page. I even thought that the person behind the site is a woman. But the Entredropper page reminded me of its previous colors – black and yellow. While it is true that the theme is quite feminine, I definitely agree that it is better, a lot better, than the last one.

This is the result of a Goliath site on a David’s perspective.

The main font used is a kind of font that encourages visitors to stay longer. The font size is big enough not to stress the eyes of the readers plus the size of the first letter for each post adds elegance and authority.

The site provides ease of navigation. A visitor can easily jump from one page to another through the top menu but I find it redundant to see the same links on the side bar. Another good point on this site is the site map. A new visitor can easy grasp the entirety of the site through the site map. The site’s owner provides two ways to access the archive;by category and by month and year. Most recent articles and most recent comments were displayed on the homepage. This encourages visitors to read other articles, hence to stay longer on the site. It would be better if the site has “most popular post” section so the visitor can easily know what is the most read article. The search (within the site) form provided in the site is also helpful to the readers to look for previous articles using keywords.

The sidebar is very neat. It is not loaded with so much information and advertisements. The content of the side bar changes depending on the page or category of the post being displayed. The owner also provides a convenient way to book mark the site and post’s urls. Statistical information can also be found on the sidebar which gives the reader an idea on the position of the site on the blogosphere.

A good site should always have an email subscription form because this is the fastest way to inform the loyal readers of the new articles. And it is good that the site does not only provide feeds through email subscription but through rss as well.

I only read few posts. But based on the articles I’ve read, the author is fluent in English writing. There is spontaneity in every post and the idea is being expressed clearly. Whether it is a self-proclamation, reaction or a simple endorsement, the author can expressed his objective in a creative manner. My fear is that, the author might also be sued by those he called pea-size brained for his blunt and fearless words. So beware, if you are a sensitive type reader, I suggest that you avoid his site 😀

The site is a personal site of one who wants to be known as BURAOT , a Filipino colloquial word with negative implications, and contains his views and opinions on politics, love and relationships, nature and environment among many others. You can also find here his sentiments for being sickly. The author of the site provide a special page to introduce himself. If you are curious about him, why not pay him a visit?

The less important things are just left in my mind. A day of journey on I Am Buraot is not enough to give a just review. But nonetheless,  my journey on the site is a worthwhile journey.

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12 thoughts on “A Goliath In A David’s View

  1. oo nga, I agree, you really give a good shot to Buraot, mananalo ka siguro Mylene pag may best reviewer.. hehe!

  2. this is why i wanted to be reviewed. for me to see much more of the bad than what is good in my site. feedbacks.

    thank you. i’ll make sure to make it better. i’ll start with the most popular post. thanks again for the review.

    and oh, your site was on Batch 34 too.

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