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I got the result of my annual PE last Monday. The annual PE was held last December 6 in Clinica Manila Megamall branch but it was only this week that we got the result. I am thankful that the blood chemistry lab test results are within the ranges except for the uric acid in which I exceeded. The calories, cholesterol and other counts are fine. Based on my ECG, I have sinus arrhythmia. When I looked up Mr. Google for its definition, i found out that the term refers to a normal phenomenon of mild acceleration and slowing of the heart rate that occurs with breathing in and out. It is usually quite pronounced in children, and steadily decreases with age. This can also be present during meditation breathing exercises that involve deep inhaling and breath holding patterns.

I am having second thoughts If I need to have my ECG repeated in other hospital/clinic because I am not fully confident that the result is reliable. The reason why I am not confident is because of the previous year and this year’s of my officemate. She is almost blind without the contact lenses and eyeglasses (she need both) but her vision was still 20/20. And the result of her blood chem lab tests were all beyond the limits and it was alarming for her because she had a heart problem when she was young. She immediately consulted her cardio specialist. In the initial check-up, her doctor declared that she is perfectly well. But to make sure, she was asked to repeat the lab chem. And now, there is a joke running in our office today because those who smoke and drink were categorized as Class A – fit to work with no ailment, while those who practice clean living were categorized as Class B can work but with minor ailment. Those who got B’s tease those who got A that we will just smoke and drink to be healthy, lol!

I will just probably wait for my officemate’s lab chem result to decide whether I need to do the ECG again. Anyways, the ailment is very minor.

I am off to go to Bulacan. See you on Monday! Have a great weekend everyone.

4 thoughts on “Annual PE Results

  1. seriously, kung sino pa ang maingat sa katawan ang nagkakasakit pero yung mga parang chimney ang bibig sa pagyoyosi ang healthy, how so ironic noh.

    take care of yourself sis, ang hirap kaya ng may sakit. remember, bawal magkasakit ngayon. ๐Ÿ™‚

    mabuti ka pa makakapag-bakasyon even for a couple of days. you needed that. sarap non presko ang hangin sa Bulacan. ๐Ÿ™‚

    See you around. ๐Ÿ™‚

  2. Really awesome article but i think you will no need to do ECG per your story because in minor no need to do further generally.

  3. hahaha! A funny joke, totoo nga, kasi mas malaki ang makukuha na germs natin sa mga nag smoke kaya dapat natin silang iwasan palagi…

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