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I Am All Alone

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I am all alone since Tuesday. Hubby together with other pastors have been in Roxas City since Monday. They attended a Pastors & Workers Conference hosted by one of the local churches in Roxas. The conference culminated last Wednesday but they need to stay there until Sunday because some of the pastors with him were invited to preach on some of the churches there. They will be back on Monday.

Since hubby is not around, it will be very hard for me to work with my daughter around. Technically, I can’t do any job when she is around without another person who can look for her. She’s so active and someone should focus her attention on her during her waking hours. My mistake is,  I should have just file a week-long  vacation leave to take care of her. So now I have no choice but to request my much-willing mom to take care of my her.  So last Monday night, I delivered (as if she’s a commodity, lol)  her to her mama grand in Bulacan.

I am planning to take the rest of day off. But my client is not yet around so I can’t ask his permission. I terribly missed my daughter. I missed her hugs and kisses, her mischief and her I yay you mommy (her version of I love you). I also missed her beside me when we sleep.  My daughter would usually demand to be hugged while waiting for her precious sleep. Her fans in the church (lol) were also looking for her last Wednesday. They missed the way she snubbed them Lol.

My daughter does want to talk over the phone. She would only utter few words and immediately give the  phone back to mother.  She is not fond of phone calls unlike other toddlers. This is because we don’t have a land line and she get acquainted with phones quite late. She would rather talk over pc mics on IM calls  than real phones (that includes mobile phones, yay!).

Of course, I also missed hubby! Thanks to Unlimited call feature of Sun, he can call me as often as he can. He calls more than three times a day so it seems that he’s just around minus his presence :D.

I busied myself with household chores after work so I would not think of them. I was able to finish washing our laundry clothes, cleaned the house and last night, I had the chance to work on my daughter’s scrapbook.  I took the free time without them to do the unattended chores.But though I keep myself busy, I still missed them.

In couple of hours, I might be gone to Bulacan to be with my little princess. We might just come back on Sunday morning for church. This means that I won’t be able to face my desktop for at most two days. I will see you guys on Monday. Have a great weekend!

4 thoughts on “I Am All Alone

  1. Aww, that must have been hard for you being away from your hubby and your little girl.I’ve been in that situation too,many times over.

  2. i know how its feels, although havent been away for a day with my lil girl yet, just the thought of it ayoko na.. by the way, bigla ko din naalala ang scrapbook… havent started mine yet huhu.. yung preggy scaprbook ko palang.. Nwei Happy Weekends.. ENjoy your bonding time

  3. Sige, ingat, blessings to you as travel back and forth…
    Talagang ganyan ang buhay, we thank the Lord He si there to guide and bless us!

  4. That’s true, although you make yourself busy but you still missed the one you love.
    Happy weekend Mylene and blessings to you all!

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