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Ang Pambubulabog Sa Mundo Ni Kulapo

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Have you seen a PR10 site? Well if not, it is time to visit Anak ni Kulapo. Surprised? We have the same reaction. How come Google is so generous with this site??? But don’t be deceived! The page rank 10 is just a hoax and just there to shock amaze first time visitors like me. If you will look closer, it is an edited image for page rank 1. But that is still not the real PR of the site and I am not also there to investigate about the site’s PR. If you got curious, go and find it yourself ;).

Anak ni Kulapo is a humorous site maintained by man who what wants to be known as BURAOT.  The site is not for General Patronage as it contains words not suitable for young audiences. The author uses Filipino colloquial words (pabalbal o mga salitang kanto) to entertain his audiences. The author recognize that his articles are not for very young audiences that is why he put a warning (BABALA) on the top left side, a place which any visitor can easily see.

The author tackles his subject in a light way but  a reader  can agree with me that there is some deep sense on his posts. Just like Ang Alamat ng Sinkong Kulot. This article can make the  readers laugh. But behind the laugh, the reader can also relate about the increasing prices of commodities that even dying becomes very expensive.  The article also allows a little older readers to reminisce his/her childhood. Lastly, it also shares about the value of saving money as early as possible.

BURAOT is generous with linkbacks as a matter of fact, frequent visitors and commenters have the chance to be included in the Alagad ni Kulapo page. So if you want a juicy link back, just visit the site and leave a comment.

As for the look and feel of the site, almost everything is there in their proper places. Although the sidebar is full of widgets,  they are still neatly arrange. The site is equipped with most common widgets/plug-ins like search, recent posts, categories, rss feeds subscription, archives, sitemap and etc.,  If there is one thing in the look and feel that I don’t like, it is the font size used for I am not fond of small fonts. My eyes get easily tired when reading an article with too small font.

For the nice to have widgets/plugins, I suggest that the  most popular posts be added and  related post link (link within). These features will encourage the readers to stay longer. And since BURAOT is religiously answering his commenters,  it would be better if he can apply a Reply plug-in for the comments. This will notify the original commenter of his answer  and will encourage further  discussion for other commenters.

The site is for non-conservative readers. If you don’t get easily scandalized by pictures like this, and foul words like mga ^&*@ng inonsente and the likes, and you like humorous post with double meaning words, then you go and pay the site a visit. But if you happen to be a Maria Clara type, the site might just offend you so just visit another site.

Disclaimer: This review is done as one of the requirements for the ongoing contest of K and Pehpot. All that are written in this post is purely based on the observation and opinion of the author.  The author does not mean any harm nor offense to anyone. If you get offended by the post and want the post to be taken down,  just leave a message and the post will be immediately removed.

6 thoughts on “Ang Pambubulabog Sa Mundo Ni Kulapo

  1. I was gullible. I believed his PR10. Haha! This is a great review, Mylene! Anyways, just to inform you that Sam doesn’t have a button yet for placement on my blog. Please let her know she can contact me anytime her button becomes available.

  2. totoo ang sabi ni K, bow talaga ako sa yo Mommy Mylene
    grabe dapat may ibibigay sila sa yo na premyo…

  3. ay grabe ka mommy mylene! ang galing mong magreview! yeehaaa!!! lahat ng review mo binabasa ko sa email ko (kasi nga nakasubscribe ako sayo *wink*) pero hindi ako nakakapagiwan ng comment kasi toxic ako ngayon e. pero ayun. nababasa ko sya lahat at bow ako sayo, sobra!

    i love your reviews mommy! aprub!

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