Personal Injury

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Accident is an event that nobody wants to happen but happens unexpectedly. Ideally, everyone should prepare for it through pre-need plans or accident insurance. When accident happens, the expense for the medication and hospitalization is very costly plus the fact that we might not any income during recuperation.

Unfortunately, even if we avail an accident insurance, we cannot immediately claim our benefits because of no win no fee policy. This means that we need to win the case first and prove that it is “unintentional accident” before we get what is due to us. Hmm…very unkind. But good thing, in UK, there is an accidentconsult.com which provides service to help those who suffered or sustained an injury to claim their benefits. And the service is free on the side of the victim because the cost will be recover from the insurance company of the person or the organization responsible. Isn’t that great?

10 thoughts on “Personal Injury

  1. Hi sis. Thanks sa message. Di pa rin ako nakaka-pagpa-follow up checkup, hopefully tomorrow para mainterpret yung result ng lab test. how are you? uy, may time ka na to write opps ha. ok yan. 🙂

  2. wow, I’m happy for this info and happy for you to get this ops,

    Keep blogging, blessings! If ever I will receive ops pag nasa hospital ako bigay ko sa yo ha.

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