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First Art Work – Sheep

  • Sumo

I have no inclination with arts and designs. I canΒ  appreciate art works like any ordinary human being. I don’t know how to appreciate art work on a scientific basis. That became a dilemma when I became a mom – how can I teach my daughter something that I don’t know. But this is not a valid reason to deprive my daughter to learn art works.Β  So last Saturday, we tried to create a simple art work. A Sheep πŸ™‚

construction paper
googly eye

1. I downloaded and printed the sheep pattern from here using the construction paper.
2. I spread the glue all over the sheep cutout. I requested my husband to cut it for Ezka.
3. I asked my daughter to paste the googly eye first.
4. Then I asked her to stick the cotton balls on the cutout. After she’s done with few cotton balls,Β  then left her place and started doing something else . With some persuasion, I convinced her to fill the cutout completely with cottons balls.

she used popsicle stick to flatten the cotton balls

she’s getting serious

almost done

her finish product


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    1. True. I’m still searching more activity for her in the net.

      Just sent you my pledge. God bless on your contest.

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