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Bite Incident In School

Instead of her score on their first written quiz, my daughter brought home a bite mark on her cheek last Friday. Her classmate bit her left cheek few minutes before they were dismissed. According to my husband, the teachers didn’t see the actual event because my daughter didn’t made any reaction when she was bit. They didn’t know how she…

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PhotoHunt #2 – Open

The theme for this week’s Photo Hunt is Open. So here is my entry. An open eye and open mouth as my daughter learns to wink. Play with us in hunting open photos at Photo Hunt

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Sciezka In Tiny Tiger Costume

Cute, isn’t?  Is it obvious that t is just an edited photo? I just want to know how will my daughter look like in a Tiny Tiger costume. Most mommies enjoy seeing their kids in costumes. Well, I’m not exempted. I find the kids in costumes so cute and adorable. I attempted to buy my daughter an animal costume when…

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Family Matters

On & Off Fever Of Daughter

My daughter’s fever started last Sunday. Right after the worship service I noticed that her temperature was not normal. When we reached home, I immediately checked her temperature and it was 38.3. I gave her Tempra then she was able to sleep. When she woke up, she’s already fine. She already played the whole afternoon. But after the evening service,…

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