10 Commuters Attention Callers

  • Sumo

Since we transferred here in Bulacan, commuting becomes longer and tiring. And because I usually spend more than four hours on the road whenever I report to our office, there are things, persons and scenes which call my attention. I hope that I don’t encounter the same on the next day I need to travel.  

So here are scenes which call my attention when I’m commuting. You probably experience the same when commuting.

1. A jeepney driver who smokes despite the huge NO-SMOKING sticker in front of him.
2. Co-passenger who takes away my right to breathe. I’m referring to those passengers whose smells are not quite nice yet too confident to get too close (as if we know each other). I don’t know if they can’t t smell themselves or just immune with their smell. Sigh, getting mean? I can’t help it.
3. Bus drivers/conductors who still pick up passengers even if their buses are already jam-packed.
4. Jeepney drivers/barkers who squeeze n passengers to n-1 seater. What do I mean? Well, those who compress ten people on a 9-seater jeep considering that the passengers are not kids.
5. Related to #4, those passengers who know that they are big enough to occupy two seats yet only pay for one. Can’t they be honest to themselves and accept the truth that they already need to pay for two?
6. Drivers who stop at every person they see in the road as if all the people are waiting for a ride.
7. Related to #6, those jeepney/bus/fx drivers who stop for so long to wait for passengers even if they have already passengers waiting for them start moving.
8. Passengers who don’t know how to seat properly. They occupy so much space taking  away the rights of the other passengers to seat comfortably.
9. Taxi drivers who ask for additional fees on top of the fare. I do give tip but I want to do it voluntarily.
10. Passengers who let their bags seat while their seatmates almost fall on their seats.

Do you commute? What are your attention callers?


1 thought on “10 Commuters Attention Callers

  1. pinaka-hate ko yung smokers. yung tipong moving vehicle tapos they keep on puffing on their ciggys… second yung fellow commuters na akala mo kung umupo eh kanila yung sasakyan and won’t even scoot kahit alam nilang dulo na lang ng puwet mo yung nakaupo, hayssss.

    i must admit, i haven’t been able to commute na since i start working overseas, and reading your post, wala pa rin palang pinagbago.

    we used to reside in bulacan pala nung bata pa ako, sa divine grace balagtas. have lots of fond memories there.

    take care!!

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