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1st Periodical Result

  • Sumo

The result of my daughter’s first periodical exam came out this morning. She got the Language and Reading perfect, a mistake in Math, 93% in Science and the lowest is Writing which is only 85%.

Her mistake in Math was not  in answering the actual question but on her name. She missed to write the m in Jyma :D.

In Science, most of her mistakes were in following the instruction. Instead of box, she placed the object inside a triangle. Probably, she couldn’t perfectly draw a square yet. But she already had a good understanding of the concepts.

Lastly, she really needs to improve her writing skills.  Her control of a pencil is still poor. But with consistent practice, I believe she can do better next time.

Generally, the result is not exceptional but still satisfactory and I am happy about it. The result of the periodical exam will comprise the 25% of the actual grade in her report card.

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5 thoughts on “1st Periodical Result

    1. I am always proud of her, whether or not she gets a good grade 🙂 Actually hindi naman matalino, she’s just like any other little girl 🙂

  1. congrats Mommy to have a child like her. Sorry for not dropping always, quite busy preparing for my trip to Thailand on the 1st week of Sept.

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