6 Years and Counting

  • Sumo

Today marks my 6th wedding anniversary with my husband. There was no big celebration just a buffet lunch at The Prawn Farm Seafood and Grill. It was already an improvement from last year’s which was at Chowking.  After the lunch we had a quick visit to the grocery to buy the things that we need to buy for our camp this coming Monday. After which we already headed home.

It is not convenient and wise to stay longer outside because we brought our little one and our eldest. There was no one we could leave them while we were out. Besides, I’m breastfeeding the li’l girl.  So we have to go home immediately as we don’t want to expose the li’l one to the crowd for long.

Anyway, as I always believe, celebration does not matter much. The more important thing is we are both thankful unto our God that He kept our family intact for the last six years despite all the challenges and adjustments. We are also thankful that we are a happy and contented family serving our God.

To my dearest husband, Happy Anniversary dear! Let us keep on praying that God will keep our family happy and whole. And may the Lord help us surpass all the trials that we may bump along the way of our marriage life. Love you! Mwah!


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