A Dream Never Had Come True

  • Sumo

It was during my high school days when I started to dream of womens boots. I thought it was very cool to be on boots, tight jeans and black leather jacket and full helmet while riding on a big motorbike. People will only recognize that the rider is a woman when I stopped and removed my helmet. But that time I knew that time that I couldn’t afford to buy one. Schoolmates I’ve seen wearing that kind of foot wear were the students from a well-to do families. So I said to myself, I have to set aside this dream for a while until I finished my schooling and have my own job and earn my own money.

I didn’t forget my dream. Whenever I had a chance to window shop, I always checked the price of the women’s boots. But whenever I planned to buy one and think of the price, I always got hesitant to buy. In price of one pair of boots, I could already buy two to three pairs of different shoes. Until I committed to God that I will no longer wear pants. That time, I’ve already settled in my heart and in my mind that I would no longer buy a women’s boots because it would no longer fit my skirts and dresses.

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