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I Am Not A Self-Made Woman

  • Sumo

Being raised in a poor family, I never had anything that was not a necessity and that included jewelries, expensive toys, elegant clothes, sharpener and even an extra pencil. As a matter of fact, there were some necessities which my parents couldn’t provide immediately like a new pair of shoes when my shoes or my brother’s were already smiling. Sometimes even school fees needed to be delayed in exchange of our food. But that time, I could care less. I was already happy then if we have a viand in the table and already a bonus if I liked the viand :-p. Can you imagine how poor we were? Probably, if you knew my family back then and our economic condition, you wouldn’t think that I could finish a college degree and could get in a decent job.

Now, you might be thinking that I am a self-made man err woman. But no. I didn’t make myself. It wasn’t in my own power that my life now is a little better than before. It was God who maneuvered everything to give me a better life. It was God who made me. All that I have was from the Lord and wouldn’t be mine if were not given to me. And though I am still considered poor, the life I found in my Lord Jesus is more than precious than expensive loose diamonds. Yes, I don’t have yet millions even thousands in my hands, still don’t have things that are more than our necessity and is still in need most of the times but I can still rejoice and shout to high heavens that God is good to me. He is good and faithful to me all time.


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