Are You Excited For the Coming Election?

  • Sumo

I am! It will be my first time to vote, if God permits! It will be the first time that my vote will be counted, will it not be? Though I am so excited, my list is not yet complete. I am running out of good candidates to vote. Parang iilan lang ang karapat-dapat manungkulan sa bayan. Among the senatorial candidates I’m doing the elimination technique. I eliminate from my list those candidates that are different from what I believe and those who I believe will not get the job done.

Would you like to know my criteria for elimination?

  • Those who do not know how to submit to higher authority and has no respect for the Penis Enlargement government.
  • Those who has near relatives running or currently holding a government position. In other words, I am against political-dynasty.
  • Those who do not have any morals or values and those who do not have any delicadeza.
  • Those who do not rule their own family well. How can they rule a bigger group if their own families are in chaos?
  • Those who have been in the government for so long but haven’t accomplished any substantial achievement.
  • Those who buy votes. This is very common here in Panglao. They call it wil-wig.

You probably now have an idea who are on my list. Are you also excited to vote? What are your criteria for voting a particular candidate?

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