Clean Air In Provinces?

  • Sumo

Many people believe that air in provinces is more fresh and cleaner than the air in the metro. It is true to some extent. The reason is because there are less air-pollutants in the provinces than in the metro. There are fewer black-smoke emitting buses and industries but sad to say there are still. Also, little other people know that in provinces people are used to burning wastes. Panglao is not an exception.

Everyday since we transferred here, there wasn’t a day that I did not smell fumes. There were even days that the whole house was full of smoke coming from our neighbors who burned the dry leaves fell from the trees. Worst is when plastic materials are being burned. The smoke is really intolerable. I could not complaint to the neighbors because it might just cause us trouble and it seems that it has been their practice for so long. But this made wonder if the clean-air act exists in this province.

If you are a mother who has kids with asthma, you will really dream to have a hepa air filtration system which will purify and filter the air. You will also hope that the next set of local government officials are more pro – environment. Unfortunately, I haven’t heard any candidate who has a concrete program for protecting the environment. I will not be surprised if Panglao will be the next to taste the wrath of Mother Nature.

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