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Balikbayans Default Gift

  • Sumo

Everyone loves to receive gifts whether the gift is expensive or not, it doesn’t really matters, as long as we receive something. There are special times when we wished to receive gifts like our birthdays, anniversaries, graduations and other special events of our lives.

If we are the expected giver of the gift, sometimes we run out of ideas or our time to look for gifts is so constrained that we settle for all-time favorite gift like Candy Gift Baskets. Admit or not, candies are not only in for kids but for adults too.

Candy gift baskets are also the usual last but not-the-least choice of most Balikbayans in case they missed-out a person in their list when they visit their homeland. This gift isn’t so obvious as default gift. But on the Balikbayans’ side, it is convenient gift since they can buy it at Duty Free.

So the next time you receive a candy gift basket from a Balikbayan you already have a hint. 😀


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