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Irresistible Hello Kitty

  • Sumo

Hello kitty products are simply cute and adorable. I haven’t seen a hello kitty item which the adjective cute is not appropriate. Whenever I visit a Hello Kitty store, I could not leave the place without sighing because I could not take home the item I want. Why?  Because its cuteness is accompanied with expensive price.  In the end, I could only look and admire the item.

I haven’t brought my daughter to any Hello Kitty store. I am afraid that either we left the store with me having a wounded pocket (because she was able to convince me to buy her desired item) or she is wounded with pinches! You know what I mean right? It is a joke but it might happen when she insisted to buy an item (which I perfectly understand because Hello Kitty items are really irresistible) we can’t afford. So to avoid this scenario, I intently avoid bringing her to a place I know there is a Hello Kitty store.  And I am glad that her interest is not with Hello Kitty but with Dora.



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