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Beware of Using IE8

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Just recently, I was enticed to download and use IE8. Why? Because IE8 has a new feature which can inspect elements of a web page and it has also an option to view a page in IE7. I thought this two features will make my life easier when implementing and testing a web page. Unfortunately, I discovered that IE8 is a heavy weight champion. Meaning, it consumes so much memory and resources especially if there are several tabs open at the same time. It causes my machine to hang, as if there is a process being clogged somewhere. Though I love it’s new features, I can’t afford its requirements. Instead of helping me to become more productive, I end up wasting more time waiting for IE8 to release some resources.

In the end, I go back using Google Chrome and Firefox and IE Tester software.


2 thoughts on “Beware of Using IE8

  1. true na true yun mommy, resource-hogger talaga. kaya nga FF and Chrome lng din ako. IE, in whatever version, is actually the bane of my (blog designer) existence. naku nakakaloka. ewan ko ba jan sa mga developer nyan. hindi pa rin narirealize hanggang ngayon n there are standards that need to be followed.

  2. I love Chrome, IF for me is like a turtle..

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