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Babies Are Not Exempted From Having Hemorrhoids

  • Sumo

I was amazed and surprised when a mommy shared with me that her baby had hemorrhoids. Her baby was not even one year old then. I thought, only adults can suffer from this kind of disease. But I was wrong. She told me that she was even fascinated at first when she saw some flesh came out from her daughter’s rectum because according to her, it was kind of cute. As a new mom, she’s also alarmed of the unusual flesh, so she brought her daughter to her pediatrician and it was diagnosed as hemorrhoids. Her daughter was always constipated which caused the hemorrhoids.  She was advised to change the formula milk of her baby and gave her baby more water. The doctor prescribed an ointment for the  treatment of hemorrhoids of her baby.

So mommies,  monitor you babies’ bowel movement. If you think their having consistent constipation  give them more water and/or high-fiber fruits and veggies if they can already eat.  Bring this also to the attention of the pedia as early as possible because the milk maybe the culprit. Prevention  is better than cure.

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3 thoughts on “Babies Are Not Exempted From Having Hemorrhoids

  1. Thanks for that very useful and helpful info sis. I am a new mom too that’s why I am thankful for your advice.

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