Bigger Dining Table

  • Sumo

Our family is getting bigger, from two (me and hubby) to three, now we are four. But currently we are six in the house, we have two additional household members, both are young people from the church. Our dining table is only good for four people and when we eat all together we are crowded. Ironic because when hubby and I were newly weds, our table is good for eight people 😀

I am checking bigger table in the downtown and I’m checking the rustic dining tables. But the cost of the tables seem don’t want to be with us. We can’t simply afford them hehehe… I’ll have to wait for a BIG sale for me to be able to buy my preferred table because I don’t want to buy a cheaper table just to have a replacement. If I’ll spend money for a table I want it to be the table I wanted so I’d rather wait longer to save for the amount or better if there will be a really BIG SALE so I can buy it immediately.


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