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Toys for kids are getting more and more sophisticated nowadays. I am amazed how the toys evolve. When I was a child I was so happy with my cooking set toy made of clay.  Complete kitchen set miniature is now available in any toy store.  To run a toy car before there should be a string tied to the car then the string should be pulled. Now, battery-operated remote control cars in different sizes are widely available. There are also toy cars and motorcycle available which a child could actually ride on and drive. Before only few kids owned a game-and-watch and are considered rich. Now if a child owns a game-and-watch instead of PSP or DS, the child is not IN.

Most of the toys now mimic the real things. There are helicopters which could really fly, there are laptop-like for educational toy, musical instruments like organ which sounds like real organs. Name anything and most probably it has a toy equivalent and most of these are battery operated.

My daughter has only four battery-operated toys: a Mickey-mouse number phone, an alphabet toy, a laptop toy and an organ. All of these are gifts to her except for the organ. We bought the organ to encourage her musical interest. I realized that these toys are costly when it comes to buying batteries. There are times that she could not play with the toys when the batteries run-out and we don’t have a budget to buy a new set. I had a plan before to buy rechargeable batteries like sanyo eneloop so we don’t need to buy batteries often. Unfortunately, I always forget to look for rechargeable batteries whenever we visit the downtown. So now that the last batteries I bought are all depleted, the toys are at rest.

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