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Blog Day Off

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My daughter’s first periodical exam is near. I will not go online tomorrow to help her catch up the lessons she missed during her six days absence from her class. She also needs to review her past lessons. During our breaks, I will be very busy with the household chores. I might go to the wet market in the afternoon to buy the ingredients we need for our whole week meals. Thanks to my hubby! He already did the laundry this afternoon. This means my chores were lessen by one. And if I will find favor in his eyes, he might also volunteer to do the marketing tomorrow. He is better than me in buying fresh fish 😉

That’s it! My plate is quite full tomorrow (as always). But I am sure that you will not miss me because you are very accustomed that I don’t post on weekends :p. See you Monday!!! Happy weekend everyone. Keep safe.

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