Macro Flower Saturday – Another White Flower

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I love flowers! I love to look at them but I am not well-verse with their names. I adore their beauty but my vocabulary is inept to name all. Just like the flowers below, I love its “tentacles”. They make the flowers look wild and defies the simplicity of their white color. But I don’t know the name of this flower ๐Ÿ™ I actually didn’t see the flowers in my own eye. It was my husband who took their photos. But when I see them in photos, I immediately admire them. Are they not stunning?

Thanks to my husband who usually took the pictures in my behalf. I am a lousy photographer and the Lord is good because He complimented me with a better one.

Just ignore this little young lady here! She was with Daddy when they took the photo of the flowers.And probably she didn’t want to go down without having her own photo too!


12 thoughts on “Macro Flower Saturday – Another White Flower

  1. I am sure I commented on this post but I don’t see it, and I can;t go back to your older posts.
    Cat whiskers in Singapore and Malaysia are used to treat cancer. it’s scientific name is Orthosiphon aristatus .

  2. I do believe those are cleome flowers, or spider flowers! I love them when they are all white like this, but the pink ones are pretty as well! So is your daughter!

  3. I’ve only recently started paying attention to flowers, so I have a lot to learn. I post them anyway and sometimes I’m lucky enough to get an identification through a comment. I can’t help you with a name, but this is certainly a beautiful flower, as is the last shot with that other cute little flower. ๐Ÿ˜‰

  4. Hi Mylene! I posted a similar one before from my neighbor’s front plant box and he told me that it is the taheebo plant (taheebo tea?) which he uses as an energy drink. My neighbor is now in his 70s and he looks really fit so the tea must be working great for him!

  5. It’s a lovely little flower and very different with those long sepals.
    Mylene dear, you are so sweet. I’m sorry about the time shift, it is evening for me too when I start the list.
    Of course, I posted your link and thank you for the beautiful contribution.

    I saw your first comment coming but I couldn’t read the content immediately, as I had half an hour to finish my post for the meme.
    It is a long post this time with some new ideas. You will see them when you have time to come over.
    Great weekend to you too!

  6. Oh, beautiful..they’re most commonly known as cat’s whiskers and usually grows abundantly in the tropics of SE Asia.

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