Busy Schedule

  • Sumo

If you notice, I don’t update my site regularly. This is because I’m busy preparing for our trip on January 6. The coming days will still be very busy days for me. My husband and I will bring our belongings to the port on Monday for shipping on January 5, 2010. The shipping requires that we bring our cargoes two days before the voyage date. On Tuesday, I need to report to our office to sign some documents and to surrender my ID. Ah yes, I forgot to mention that I didn’t get my boss’ approval to work offsite and retain my position in the company as permanent employee. Hence, I was asked to resign. The resignation is effective on January 5. My sentiment about my boss decision is another story.

My schedule will hopefully go back to normal on the second week of January. I have so many stories to share as soon as I have the time so I hope that you stay with me.


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