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New Clothes

  • Sumo

My husband and I went to Baclaran and Divisoria last Monday to buy my daughter some clothes. We both noticed that most of her everyday clothes were getting smaller for her. She’s really growing so fast! We also wanted to buy her few Sunday dresses and shirts. My husband and I would also like to buy for ourselves.

Our initial itinerary was only in Baclaran but we were not able to buy her the clothes she needed there because most stores only sold in wholesale. So we headed to Divisoria. We were able to buy her dresses. Hubby was also able to buy for himself. Unfortunately, I was not able to buy a single blouse for myself. It was not because I was too choosy and looking for too elegant urban clothing but because most of the clothes I liked had no size that would fit me. It was so frustrating yet it served as a reminder to me that I really need to slow down in eating.

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