How Was The First Day Of Your 2011?

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It has been a very busy day for me and my husband. We prepared our belongings for shipping on Monday, January 3, 2010. We boxed everything as per instruction of Negros Navigation loose cargo personnel. We will have no time tomorrow because we will be in Quezon City tomorrow to attend church services. So we tried to finish everything today. We also labeled all the boxes with contact information to ensure that no box will be misplaced.

As the day of our relocation for BOHOL approaches, I get busier. My schedule is fully-booked until the second week of January and that includes the first day of 2011. So how was your first day of 2011?

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1 thought on “How Was The First Day Of Your 2011?

  1. Hi mylene. Yup, i did change my theme, coz with the old one, the home, about and disclosure pages are not displayed. I have been changing lately, I still haven’t found the right theme that really suits me. Anyways, I am quite excited about your relocation here in Bohol. For the past two days, it’s been raining, non-stop, but it’s not hard. It’s cold here also in our place coz we’re up here in the mountains. I hope I can get to meet you and your family soon… have a nice day!

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