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One of the church vehicles, the multi-cab, is giving up.  It is no longer reliable for long drives and I guess it needs curt trailer hitch so it could easily be towed when unexpected break down happens.

Though there are so many things need to be fixed with this vehicle, we still use it to transport attendees from their houses to the church and vice versa. Yes, here, members need to be picked up on Sundays otherwise they will not go to church. There are only few members who take the initiative to go to church by their own. Sad, but this is how things happen here in our church. But we cease not to pray that these members, as they listen to God’s Word, will grow in faith and in their love to our God that time will come that they will be the one who will fetch visitors instead of being fetched.



2 thoughts on “Church Vehicle

  1. My church also has this extended jeepney-like vehicle that transports some members … and mostly filled on Sundays. The church also provides pack lunches after the service. I thought this was rather impressive.

    1. Hi Tito Eric,

      Thanks for visiting 🙂
      We also prepare lunch for those who want to stay for the afternoon service.

      Well, I hope you can also visit us here in Poblacion 🙂

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