Colds Season?

  • Sumo

My two daughters have colds. My eldest’s cold started last Wednesday while my youngest catch it just today. They catch the colds from one of the four 7th-graders who are staying with us in the church. The carrier of the colds had a fever last Wednesday but good thing, it didn’t last so long. Only the colds and cough were left.

My eldest, as you know, becomes very weak whenever she’s sick. Exactly opposite of the youngest who still plays at 38.8 degree temp. The eldest is usually bedridden whenever she has colds and cough. The youngest can still manage to laugh. My eldest is now six years old. The last time we visited the doctor was last December when she was admitted for confinement in the hospital due dehydration. Her bronchitis overlapped with dengue. I hope her body could not easily be down with this kind of illnesses and her colds and cough will not get worse, the same with my 1 year old daughter.

I am seeing some improvement with my eldest. Despite of her not-so-good condition, she was still able to work on her PACEs this day. She can also be persuaded to drink more water now. I prayed for their (including the 7th grader who is also sick) healing.

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