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source: http://www.fanpop.com/clubs/disney-classic-era-leading-females/images/24456448/title/sleeping-beauty-photo
source: http://www.fanpop.com/clubs/disney-classic-era-leading-females/images/24456448/title/sleeping-beauty-photo

A regular good night sleep is vital to have a healthy body and mind. An eight-hour (some say six is fine) continuous sleep is needed so the brain can process properly all the information that it received during the day. This is the reason why scientists and doctors (and business people) never stopped inventing tools and ways to make sleeping more comfortable. There are now amazing pillows which enhance sleeping experience. Mattresses and foam topper are improved to make the body more comfortable during the sleep which helps not to disrupt sleeping.

I do believe that the quality of sleep has an imapct to one’s behavior, mentality and health. This is the reason why I want my kiddos to get as much sleep as possible. I am also very much desiring to have a complete rest every night but this still needs to wait as I still breastfeed at night. There are also times that I have to stay up late to finish some tasks. But whenever possible, I do sleep for eight hours, whether continuous or not :p. And if I sleep, I sleep like a baby… no worries and peaceful.

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