Coming Birthday

  • Sumo

The next date to be marked after New Year in our family is my birthday which is on January 7. The date falls on a Saturday so probably the family will be busy doing our regular good news classes and preparations for our Sunday worship service.

I don’t usually celebrate my birthday but I forget not to thank the Lord for another year that He has added to my life including the all the blessings that He showered not only to me but to my entire family. I also don’t expect gift but I do appreciate and accept it if anyone remembered to give one ๐Ÿ˜€ I doubt if hubby will be preparing one for me as he is also not used to give gifts, much more during valentines which we both do not celebrate. I had never seen him looking for valentines day gifts for the wife ever since we got married.

Birthday is just another day for me. What makes it special is that it reminds me the goodness of God who added another 365 days on my life.

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