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It is not everyday that we have guests from Manila. Our guests were my dearest friend’s immediate family – her mom, sisters, brother, brother and sister in law, nephews & niece. They stayed at Dumaluan Beach Resort. It was their first time to visit the province of Bohol. We assisted them with their transfer from Tagbilaran Airport to Dumaluan Beach Resort and vice versa. We were also able to help them find a cheaper boat (than Dumaluan‘s rate) for their island hopping to Balicasag and Virgin Island. But we were not able to accompany them with their country side tour and their island hopping due to prior commitment.

On their last night, we brought them to Alona Beach for them to see the little Boracay of Panglao.  Little we know that they had not their dinner yet. So when we reached the place, they started to look for a restaurant where they could have their dinner. Since most of our guests were balik-bayans who missed the sea-food dishes, they chose the restaurant which displays fresh sea food products like shrimps, big fish & squid for grilling.  Added to that, the restaurant had only few customers left and didn’t t have live performers which gave a not-so-loud atmosphere which they preferred. They were satisfied with the dishes they ordered though pricey. I also tasted the food and they were delectable.

I asked them if they enjoyed their short vacation. I was glad to know that they had fun and they enjoyed the places they visited. They also commended the service of Dumaluan though their rates were quite expensive. The only thing they were not happy about was food at Dumaluan. According to them, the food were too pricey but not delicious. This was the reason why they didn’t have their dinner there and I also found out that they had their lunch outside.

Their overall vacation was about to end great but their trip going back to Manila ruined it. After waiting for more than two hours last Monday, Zest Air declared that their flight was cancelled due to the late arrival of their airbus. According to the airline company, the airplane could no longer fly going back to Manila because the runaway of Tagbilaran airport does not have lights. Hence, no aircraft is allowed to take off when the night approached. If they knew this situation and I’m sure they knew it, they should not have allowed their aircraft to arrive late.

It was very inconvenient for them (and also for the other passengers) because they have a baby and they have a disabled companion. Some passengers were booked on a connecting flight in Manila and some me were from far towns of Bohol. So many passengers were mad. I just didn’t know if that was the first time that incident happened.

Good thing, we were still in Tagbilaran when they called us up to help find a lodge within the city and near to the airport where they could spend the night. We picked them up and looked for a  lodge. We found a lodge whose rate was reasonable and which includes a free transfer to the airport.  So they decided to stay there.

Lesson learned, never booked an afternoon flight from Tagbilaran airport because when the arrival of the aircraft is delayed, there is a big chance that the flight will be cancelled.

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