Crying Baby

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No two babies are exactly alike. I proved that this statement is true to my daughters.

My eldest, when she was at my second daughter’s age, was not a fussy baby. She very seldom cries. Our neighbors told me that they didn’t know that there was a baby in our house because they never heard the baby cried. When she was a little older, we made her cry. She sleeps most of the time. She only wakes up when she wants to feed and after feeding she sleeps again. When she is awake, she just plays by herself until she gets tired then sleep again. At night, I never had a hard time because she sleeps continuously. She was only fussy when she was sick which is understandable.

My second daughter is not the same. She cries a lot and I don’t know why. On the first few weeks, she wakes up at 12 midnight and 3 o’clock in the morning to feed and for diaper change. When she wakes at 12 midnight, she falls back to sleep after burping. But when she wakes at 3 A.M, she stays awake until 5 A.M. The worst part, she is fussy and cries even if I hold her in my arms. Her schedule is now changing. Since Monday, she gets fussy in the afternoon until 9 pm and sleeps continuously at night. I am already tempted to bath her before bed time but I am afraid she might get sick.

Because of her schedule, I am forced to extend my working hours to compensate for the hours that I don’t work and attend to her. I am lucky if she tames on my husband’s care. But most of the time, she wants me. Probably, she looks for the dried milk smell of my shirt.


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2 thoughts on “Crying Baby

  1. i can pretty much relate to this but being that they are a boy and a girl, i can’t really make the exact comparison. both my kids love my dried milk smell and they prefer to be by my side or in-between me and their father(before). both my kids are quiet but are too loud when they cry. ๐Ÿ™‚ it’s nice to reminisce on their childhood sometimes, though it makes me feel im getting older, but yes it does make you miss their company when they were little ๐Ÿ™‚

  2. I agree, no two babies are alike. The same with my 2 sons. The eldest cries a lot and my second baby who is also the youngest, after feeding just slept. That’s the unique identity of our children.
    Anyway, you will grow up soon and you will miss the way they are now. So just enjoy what they’re doing…

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