Cushing’s Syndrome

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When I first saw the woman who was reported to be the first to have Cushing’s syndrome in the Philippines over the news, I was afraid that I would become as big as her. But as the news developed, I learned that her obesity is not due to over-eating nor imbalance diet. Her obesity is caused by high-level of steroids in her body. The physicians who attended to her could not yet determine where the excessive steroids are coming from. According to him, the lady still needs to undergo several laboratory tests for him to identify the source. But he added that it was good that her condition was brought to the doctor’s attention immediately. This would prevent other complications to arise.

There are several possible treatments which can be done to treat this disorder depending on where the steroid is coming. But definitely, diet pills are not applicable to treat this kind of weight management problem. Even the best weight loss pills will not do any good because this kind of over-weight problem really needs medical attention and treatment.

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