Cushing’s Syndrome

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Have you ever heard about Cushing’s syndrome? According to Wikipedia, Cushing’s Syndrome is a hormone disorder caused by high-level of cortisol in the blood. This disorder caused a person to gain weight rapidly particularly around the trunk, making a person obese in no time at all. It was my first time to learn about this disorder when I’ve seen over the news the lady who was reported to be the first to have this kind of disorder in the Philippines. This obesity could not be treated by any diet pills. Since this is a disorder, the affected person should immediately seek medical attention to prevent further complications like diabetes and heart diseases.

In the case of the lady, her body is producing too much steroids. But the source could not be identified yet when the news was being flashed. According to the physician attending to the lady, she needs to undergo several tests for them to identify where the high-level of steroids is coming from. And because the lady is the first case of Cushing’s Syndrome, her case will be used for studies about this disorder.

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