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Daughter Schedule For Watching TV

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Since daughter started reporting to school, she can only watch her favorite videos during Friday. She was not allowed to turn on the TV on other days. This is a strict instruction to us, parents, by the school administrator to help the child focus on his/her studies. So during Friday, as soon as she gets home, she would immediately ask permission to turn on the TV and DVD player and play the DVD she wanted to watch. I also allowed her to play online games using my desktop since we don’t have a blackberry playbook :p.

I think she will still be sharing desktop with me for more years to come because I have no intention to buy her own playbook or game gadget.

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7 thoughts on “Daughter Schedule For Watching TV

  1. whoa! thats a tough schedule… I can only say that I wished i’m just as tough to implement such rule. Nice job mommy!

  2. That’s one good way of disciplining our kids, but I’m a bit soft-hearted, I don’t know if I can manage not to give in to my kid if she begs to watch TV on a weeknight 🙂

  3. I’ll probably do this to my son once he starts to study again but right now he can watch whenever he wants since it is still his vacation.

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