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Depression Kills

  • Sumo

Depression is one thing that should not be taken for granted. Many were lives omitted untimely because of this state of low mood. In other countries, especially Asians countries, suicides due to depression are not uncommon.  Someone who is in this state should be treated with caution so not to aggravate his/her current state.

Everyone is susceptible to depression but some can beat depression easily while some allow themselves to be defeated by depression and just quit living. I also experience minor depression from time to time. I feel anxious and weary when problems come. I tend to oversleep when I am depressed but I allow myself to stay in this state for long. I read my Bible and claim God’s promises. When I think I am in deepest agony, I remember Christ sufferings.  This reminds me that my Lord Jesus Christ suffered more because of His love for me. He never quit so must I.

If you know that you are in great depression, just kneel down and pray. Pray that God will deliver you from this state and help you to overcome your distresses. You may also want to check for more information about depression.

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