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The Karaoke, Bow!

  • Sumo

I am amazed how karaoke becomes popular here in Philippines. Almost every household have their own karaoke set at home (except us :D) and almost everyone wants to sing using their karaoke except me, LOL! Weekends and family gatherings are not complete without the karaoke. I am also amazed how karaoke songs evolved. Before only oldie songs are available in karaoke but now even Christian songs and hymns can be sang in karaoke. The size of the karaoke also evolved, from the bulky and heavy to the compact and handy.

I can’t remember if I had my share with karaoke. But for deaf tone like me, singing is not really my cup. I can only sing during church’s congregational singing and of course, inside the bathroom while taking a bath. I admire the guts of those people who can sing in karaoke located in public places like groceries and recording section at SM. Some have really the voice to flaunt but some are just pure guts, LOL! Well, that is their freedom.

Do you have your own karaoke set at home? Do you enjoy singing in karaoke? What is the usual song you sing?

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2 thoughts on “The Karaoke, Bow!

  1. Gosh,I don’thave the guts to sing in the public–baka magkalat lang ako lol!Dito sa Japan,you can have private karaoke sessions with friends or family.

    1. hahaha dito sa pinas uso yan 😀 ung mga nagkalat n videoke sa mga malls pinapatos. Minsan nakakatulig pero kalayaan nila yan eh hehehe

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