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Doctor’s Certificate & Pasalubong

  • Sumo

We will be going back to Manila on Monday to attend a very dear friend’s wedding. But since I’m pregnant, I need another visit to my OB-GYNE to secure a doctor’s certificate confirming that I am fit to travel.

A visit to the doctor is time-consuming especially on Saturdays. As much as possible, I want to do my visit on week days to avoid the long-hours of waiting. But the certificate is only good for five or seven days so I should get it on the nearest possible date to our flight’s date. Tomorrow is the best time.

I will also grab the chance to buy some goodies for my friends, but probably not a Calamay, the famous pasalubong from Bohol. Last time, so many Calamay packages were broken. We checked-in the bags containing the Calamays and requested for FRAGILE sticker. But just the same, the bag was not handled with care so many of the Calamays container were broken and Calamays spilled on the bag. I will just probably settle for peanut kisses.

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