Preparing For The Needs Of The Coming New Member of the Family

  • Sumo

I have started praying for a good weather during our stay in Manila so our family could maximize our stay there. One of my agenda during our one-week stay in Manila is to buy baby things. As I always said, everything here in Bohol is expensive. I’ll be able to save some pesoses if I do my purchases in Manila especially on shops in Baclaran or Divisoria.  But I don’t know yet if it will be a boy or another girl so I will just probably buy the most basic needs and will choose the safe colors. I am also hoping that I could borrow some of my friends’ used baby stuff to lessen the expense.

Most of my daughter’s baby things were either lent or given away. I also gave away the things I prepared for my delivery which were not consumed including the unopened adult diapers pack. Ah yes, I used adult diapers on my first delivery. I thought it would be more comfortable but I was wrong. It was difficult to take off. I am planning to use maternity pads on my next delivery unless there are similar designs of adult diapers at here in Philippines particularly in Bohol.

I am still on my 21st week of pregnancy and might still be too early to prepare for the things I and my baby will need when he/she come out. I am thinking that preparing early will not stress me out financially and physically. I don’t want to be harassed in the preparation when the due date is already near.

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