Projects Are Ending Up

  • Sumo

Tasks from my day time job are dwindling until the project fully stop. This means that my income is in unstable state. Well, it has been in this state since my employer decided to convert my status to contractual. But the coming days are really exciting because I haven’t heard from my employer any new projects coming in.

I have started searching for .NET projects. I’m also reviving my profile in oDesk hoping that I could get a project from here. And on my job search, I noticed that my skill set is getting obsolete!!! I need to upgrade my skills otherwise I will end up jobless. I also noticed that healthcare jobs are getting more in demand just like respiratory therapy technician jobs. Well, I never heard this kind of jobs until now and jobs like these are now visible on job search engines.

Hopefully, when by the time we return from Manila, I’ll have new projects. This isn’t a good timing to have no income since we are saving for my delivery next year. I am trusting that God is on His way of providing us our needs 😉

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