Dry Skin After Giving Birth

  • Sumo

After giving birth, I noticed my skin gets so dried. It became dull. It looked like I got dehydrated after giving birth? I also noticed some dark spots similar to fish scales on my calves. I didn’t notice this kind of changes when I gave birth to my eldest daughter.

I applied generous amount of Vaseline Intensive Care petroleum jelly on the back of my legs hoping that those dark spots can still be removed because they are not good to look at. I don’t flaunt my legs because they are not worth displaying 😀 so I want those dark spots to be removed for my own satisfaction. They are like dirt and I am not comfortable to see them.

I let the petroleum jelly dried then I took a bath. I scrub the part with the dark spots thoroughly. Good thing they were scratched off.

My skin is still dry after six weeks of giving birth. I drink so much water to get hydrated and to have more breast milk. I also apply lotion every after bath which I don’t usually do before to hide the dryness of skin. I hope my skin will get back to its normal texture soon.

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