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I made an accounting of my Sunday clothes and I found out that I only have 4 blouses and 2 descent skirts which I used alternately every Sunday.  These are the only remaining sets which still fit on me.  I am thinking if it is wise and practical to buy new sets at this time since my size might still change in the next couple of months.

I still have some Sunday dresses but I could not wear them for the time being. First, since I am breastfeeding, it is very inconvenient to breastfeed on dress. Second, I am too big to fit on my old Sunday dresses. Well, I am still hoping dreaming of gaining my old size so I am still keeping my old Sunday dresses. You probably thinking that my Sunday dresses are very expensive and elegant that is why I could not let them go. Actually, they are just rags compared to Vera Wang Wedding Dresses but I keep them still because I like their styles. Most of them were not ready to wear when bought.  I looked for the design then bought an almost similar fabric and brought it to my dressmaker friend to tailor the dress for me.

So whether to buy new Sunday clothes or not is still a question. I’ll just probably look and buy the fabric again and let a dressmaker tailors the clothes for me.


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